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When you want to be your own boss, it can be a tough uphill road to follow. Not only do you have to have legitimate skills and a willingness to succeed, but you have to have space in which to practice and sell these skills. If you're an amazing hairstylist, then you need to consider salon space for rent when it comes to making a lot of money doing hair.

Vacancy rates both in retail and industrial...

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Right now, salons make up 95% of America’s hair market with barbershops, offering services for men, accounting for 5% of the hair market. Are you currently working for a hair salon and you’re not happy? Would you rather branch out and provide hairstyling services on your own? You aren’t alone.

It’s Time to Rent Your Own Salon Studio

Hairstylists used to be forced to rent a small area or booth inside a local...


The American hair care services industry is huge, with over 80,000 establishments bringing in annual revenues of about $20 billion. Out of the 80,000 establishments, more than 77,000 are salons, and the industry is still growing.

If you’re a beauty professional looking to meet the growing demand for hair care services, you should consider getting a salon suite for rent.

A salon suite is basically a small establishment that allows...


The right salon studios for rent can be hard to come by. Finding the perfect hair salon for rent can ensure that you get your business off to the right start. There are a few considerations that you should give some thought to when you are searching for the right salon studios for rent.

Hair salons for rent can be difficult to come by. According to a recent study, there is a...

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Most stylists choose either a booth rental or a salon suite as their next step. Here are five benefits you'll get from renting a salon suite.


Rental salon suites provide an easy way to get yourself established with a lower risk to you. Let's take a look at how they do that.

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Discover five of the most important tips to help you choose the perfect salon space for rent out of the many salon studios in your area.

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Learn how salon spaces for rent can benefit your growing career as a hairstylist.

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Take a look at what you need to know if you want your rental hair salon to rise above the rest.


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