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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting a Salon Suite

Most stylists choose either a booth rental or a salon suite as their next step. Here are five benefits you'll get from renting a salon suite.

Like any other stylist, it's common to want security during your business' initial stages, which often comes from working on commission.

However, as your confidence and skill set grow, you tend to want more. You want to control your earnings, your clientele, and your working time. It's at such a point that most stylists choose either a booth rental or a salon suite as their next step. In this article, we'll discuss why a salon suite is the better option. Here are five benefits you'll get from renting a salon suite.

1. You Become Your Own Boss

The most important reason to rent your salon suite is that you're practically your own boss. Instead of giving up a percentage of your earnings, you only pay a fixed rate for the hair salon space. You also set your prices, schedules, choose products to use, manage your inventory, clientele, supplies, etc. Basically, you run the business according to your wishes. The best part is you'll be using facilities that you won't be responsible for their maintenance.

2. Flexible Working Hours

Even though a booth rental comes with flexibility, it's not as flexible as a salon suite. With a booth rental, you're able to cater to a minimum number of customers or work for minimum days or hours every week. With a rental hair salon, you set your work hours; you work when you want. You can set appointments with your clientele in line with your schedules. This allows you to create and spend time with family and friends while running your business successfully.

3. Increased Income

When you are employed at a salon, the number of customers you attract doesn't directly translate to the income you generate. A percentage of all the money you make- in some instances up to 45%- will go to the hair salon owner. However, if you rent a salon suite, you get to retain 100% of the profits. You'll see the value of working hard to secure and retain new clients in your business.

4. Guaranteed Privacy

Salon suites are surrounded by walls and have their own doors, making them very private. They're ideal for customers who value interpersonal interaction with their stylists. You can have a conversation with your customers without the fear of other people eavesdropping on what you're discussing. You can also choose to personalize the salon suite more by playing your customer's favorite music genre.

5. You Can Customize Your Space

Most traditional salons have general themes that are apparent to customers. As a stylist, you have total control over how your suite should look and feel. You can customize your suite the way you want with the help of the property manager. From the paint color to the tools and equipment used to wall décor and decals, you have the chance to express your creativity to get your desired appearance. This is essentially the starting point of building your brand.

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At LuxSpace Studios, we take great pride in offering contemporary salon suites for rent to stylists in Oro Valley, Arizona, and nearby areas. As much as these suites conform to the beauty industry's requirements, you can still customize them to your liking. Our greatest joy is to provide you with what you exactly want so you can prosper in your hair salon business. Contact us for more information about salon suite rental or to reserve your space.