5 Tips on How to Customize Your Salon Studio

A Salon's look the first impression your customers get of your business. Make it a good one!

In the beauty industry, clients have high expectations for the services they demand. First impressions are critical for entrepreneurs starting a salon studio.

Salons currently make up 95% of the hair market, while barbershops account for only 5%. Entrepreneurs can attract clients by enhancing the aesthetics of the salon. Here are some tips to customize your salon space for rent.

1. Bright Colors

When choosing the color scheme, you want to go for something that emphasizes cleanliness and style. Many salon suites opt for plain-white because it creates the impression of luxurious premises. Bright colors coupled with darker tones like black and grey infuse contrast while projecting elegance.

2. Layout and Accessibility

Before you opt for a salon space for rent, you need to consider the layout and accessibility. Are the premises accessible at all times? Salon suites have different terms that may limit when you can use the workspace. The layout is also important since it will determine how well you can organize your salon. It also determines how many clients can be in the premises at a time.

3. Organization

Planning your workspace will prevent clutter and improve the flow of your work. Your salon space for rent needs to have specific places for doing your client's nails, hair, and facial treatments. A well-organized workspace will project a positive image to your clients.

If you choose to customize your workspace, make sure none of the additions inhibit movement. Obstructions can disrupt the workflow, which may negatively impact your client's experience at your hair salon. Take time to plan the layout while considering the nature and flow of tasks.

4. Choosing Suitable Lighting

Lighting can improve the mood and productivity of the people working in your hair salon space. Lamps of different styles can infuse an aesthetic elegance and allow you to express an aspect of your artistic personality.

However, you need to be careful with the type of light fixtures you choose for your salon studio. Experts recommend using warmer lamps instead of LED lights. LED lighting can obscure the colors of the hair and the face.

Warm lighting is more flattering to the hair and the face, as opposed to cool lighting. You also have to note that the nail workspace and the hairstylist section may require different types of lighting.

5. Types of Lighting

Depending on the area of the salon suite, you may require at least one of the following types of lights:

  • Task Lighting: These lamps illuminate the workspace and enhance the lighting from the primary light fixtures.
  • Vanity Lamps: They balance out other sources of illumination. They also help reduce shadows and make the client face and hair appear more flattering.
  • Accent Lights: They use illumination to emphasize a feature in your salon. For example, you can place them around banners to draw attention to the services you are advertising.
  • Ambient Lights: They are the light fixtures that provide the primary illumination in your salon studio. They are often in reception areas and the hairstylist's section.

If you are looking for a customizable salon space for rent, consider LuxSpace Studios. You can tailor the space that reflects your personality and creative style. There are many options for customization. Plus, we are a community that assists its members to boost their bottom line. For more information on our exquisite hair salon rental, contact us today.