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Cater to Niche Clientele with an Attractive Salon Suite

Right now, salons make up 95% of America’s hair market with barbershops, offering services for men, accounting for 5% of the hair market. Are you currently working for a hair salon and you’re not happy? Would you rather branch out and provide hairstyling services on your own? You aren’t alone.

It’s Time to Rent Your Own Salon Studio

Hairstylists used to be forced to rent a small area or booth inside a local salon. Now, there are more renting options that provide more flexibility and freedom. Welcome to the world of salon suites.

So, what is a salon studio? Unlike space within a salon that you can rent, a studio is your own private suite available within a dedicated community of stylists. Creative hairstylists just like yourself rent salon studios to branch out and take better control of their careers.

Salon Suites Allow You to Be Your Own Boss

Have you dreamt of being your own boss? This is something hairstylists can make a reality when renting a salon studio. You have the ability to use the products you prefer, create your own working hours, set special appointment times for clients, and operate your business exactly how you choose.

Salon Studios for Rent are Less Risky

Opening your own salon can be a big financial risk. Instead of styling hair and doing what you love, you will be faced with making sure the overhead is covered along with having enough inventory. The expenses just keep on increasing for salon owners.

It is less risky and a happy medium to rent a salon studio. Many hairstylists are choosing studio rentals to better establish themselves too. Having your own studio allows you to truly cater to your clients and fashion a lucrative future.

Take Control of Customer Experience

You want your customers to feel comfortable and pampered. That takes special attention and treating them to the best customer service. A booth rental within a salon forces you to use their environment and ambiance.

Your customers are also exposed to the current staff in a salon, not to mention other customers. When you have your own salon studio you control the décor, standards, and every detail of ambiance. You are also able to give your customers additional privacy that they will enjoy immensely.

Cater to Your Own Niche Clientele

An established salon already has its own clients. However, their clients may not be your specific market. When you have your own salon suite, your marketing efforts can be geared to the clientele you want to attract. This is just another level of being able to control the customer experience.

Keep All of Your Profits

No matter how many clients you acquire in a salon, when you’re the employee, some of your profits are always being paid to the salon owner. It is hard work securing new customers and then providing excellent hairstyling services that thrill them and make customers want to return. Renting a salon studio allows you to truly reap the rewards and keep all of the profits.

There Are Many Benefits to Salon Suite Rentals

What’s better than becoming your own boss without the hassles of owning a salon? There are actually many benefits to suite rentals. The list below showcases the encouraging benefits of renting a salon suite.

  • No Employer Stifling Creativity
  • Gain More Flexibility and Freedom
  • Set Your Own Schedule
  • Manage Your Business Your Way
  • Make More Money
  • Choose Product Lines You Want
  • Personalize and Customize Your Salon
  • Choose Long-Term or Short-Term Use
  • Keyless Entry
  • Comfortable Lobby

Don’t let anything stand in the way of your dreams. Customizable and affordable salon suites are exactly what professionals like yourself are looking for. You get the necessary resources and tools to remain profitable. Contact friendly representatives ready to provide you with an enjoyable and profitable salon suite experience.