How to Open Your Own Salon Studio

The reality is that there is a good deal of potential in opening up a hair salon. Everyone needs haircare; few people are bold enough to cut and style their hair on their own, and though dyeing your hair at home has become more common, many people still prefer to go to the salon studio for professional results. Right now, according to Salt Society LLC, salons actually take up 95% of the American hair care market, with barbershops only taking up the remaining 5%. Though barbershops are aimed towards men, anyone can visit a salon.

Understandably, there is a lot of work that goes into opening up a salon studio. Let's look into some of the issues you should concern yourself with when opening up a salon.

1. Build A Plan

Before opening a salon studio, you need to have a solid business plan in place. Know who you're marketing to, and how you'll best appeal to them. From that point, you should look into how you're going to manage your salon legally. Furthermore, you'll want to insure your salon so that it's protected from the various legal issues that you could run into during the duration of the studio's life.

2. Hire A Great Staff

There are many different ways that you can hire hairstylists for your salon studio. Many people who open salon studios are hairdressers themselves, and having that practical experience can certainly give you an advantage when you're trying to attract great talent. Hairstylists will be more likely to trust you if they know you understand the industry. Remember that your salon studio is only as good as the stylists you hire. You want to attract good people.

3. Marketing

When you're marketing a salon, you'll want to rely on social media. Instagram is a great place to market a new hair salon, as it's easy to show great before and after photographs. A lot of people look on Instagram for hair inspiration, and they could easily stumble across your salon through hashtags.

4. Scale Slowly

The last thing you want is to have so many people interested in your salon that you can't manage them. Grow it slowly, never taking on more than you can reliably, successfully fulfill.

Opening a hair salon is daunting, but it can be fun, too. Just be ready for the challenge!