Why Are Hair Salons More Common Than Barbershops?

When you're going to get your hair cut, you can often choose between hair salons and barbershops. But why are hair salons more popular?

The services offered at salons and barbershops sometimes overlap, but there are some differences that still make each one distinct. Barbershops cater mainly to men, while in salons you'll find that the services are customized for both men and women.

Another difference is that while barbers cut shorter, more conventional haircuts for men, hairdressers at salons cut longer and fuller styles. There is a new trend in which there are more salons than there are barbershops. According to Salt Society Education, in the United States, salons currently account for 95% of the hair market while barbershops account for only 5% of it. We explore some of the reasons behind this below.

1. Salons Offer More Services

A visit to the hair salon allows patrons to access numerous services all in one session, and one can accomplish more in a session. You can have your hair done, your nails styled, be given a massage, be given waxing services, and even get the makeup of a bridal party done. This is a key reason that more than one gender would congregate at the hair salon. It also explains why a business owner would prefer to invest in a salon than in a barbershop.

2. Barbershops Cater Primarily to Men

When someone who is not male thinks of getting a haircut, their first choice would not be the barbershop. Barbershops are mainly frequented by men as their services deal mainly with cutting male hair. On the other hand, hair salons service a wider clientele thanks to their wider array of services. Therefore, barbershops serve a lower amount of the population than hair salons do.

3. Salon Services Require a Visit

Many of the services offered at the hair salon require a customer to visit the establishment itself. While a haircut can be done at home with even basic skills, salon services require a professional touch to complete it. Services such as manicures and pedicures, massages, and makeup application not only need another hand to conduct them, but they also need a professional touch at that.

Hair salons and barbershops may have similarities in the services that they offer, causing one to wonder what the difference is. However, both offer distinct services that make them stand out. The reason that there are more salons than barbershops may be because they offer more services and serve more people. The next time you're in need of a hair salon, visit us at LuxSpace Studios.