Why become a Member?

What's the best part of running your own business? Being your own boss!

At LuxSpace Studios, you get to fulfill your passion for what you love all while being in complete control of your future. You choose your own hours, build your own clientele, and work around other members who are professionals in their respective industries.

Membership benefits.

When you become a member of LuxSpace Studios, you will be a part of the best infrastructure available in the salon & med-spa suites marketplace.

Your membership includes the exclusive use of one of our customizable studios which can be tailored to meet your needs. Clients can relax in our spacious lobby while waiting for your service.

Choose your membership level.

Long Term Use

This is our most popular option and for good reason. When you join LuxSpace Studios at this membership level, you receive the exclusive 24/7 use of one of our modern salon studio spaces which can be customized to match your style. Terms for this type of membership are 12, 18, or 24 months and your rate is guaranteed not to increase during this period.

(COMING SOON) Daily/Weekly Use

Need a room for a day or even a week? We're here for you! We have rooms dedicated for stylists and estheticians, beautifully decorated, and ready for use. Each room is yours exclusively for the reservation period during normal business hours and when your reserved time is over, the space is expertly cleaned and sanitized, ready for the next member and their clients.


Choose your space.

We have a large variety of studio sizes and configurations which are sure to meet your needs. Each space comes preinstalled with expertly crafted base and upper cabinets complete with stainless hand sinks and freestanding shampoo backwash station computer. Select studios are also available for daily and weekly use.

So many choices to choose from.

See our Studio Options >

Choose when you work.

Our facility is open when you are open. We provide 24/7 access for you and your clients with always on security cameras to better ensure a safe work environment. Laundry room and break room are always secured during working hours. No more wandering visitors.

Work without limits.

Kisi phone web_Kisi Phone.png

Keyless Entry.

Forgot your keys? No problem. With our access control system, all you need is your phone to access the break room, laundry room and even the front doors.

We also provide you with a key fob as well. Just swipe and open!

Considering our daily and weekly use studios? Just use your phone to reserve the studio and gain access into the main entry doors and your room.

Ready to become a Member?